MattyCollector’s January Sale Includes MOTU Lord Masque, Lizard Man Figures

Masters of the Universe Lord MasqueMattyCollector has released details for its Jan. sale, which includes a trio of Masters of the Universe figures, in addition to their evergreen essentails items.

Lord Masque and Lizard Man, who both made appearances in the ’80s He-Man animated series, and Glimmer are this month’s MOTU figures available for purchase starting at 9 a.m. PT on Jan. 15.

Lord Masque
Lord Masque, who appeared in the Filmation episode titles House of Shokoti, Part 1 includes his sword and shield. In the episode, Masque serves Shokoti, who was released as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics line in Aug. 2013. Lord Masque is priced $30.

Lizard Man
Lizard Man includes a Filmation sword for Skeletor and the Diamond Ray of Disappearance from the eponymously named series episode. Lizard Man is priced $28.

She-Ra’s best friend Glimmer includes her trademark staff and ball of light energy. Better yet, she’s discounted from her normal $27 down to $20.25.

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  • Mario J. Vilchez

    Lizard man was last January’s figure. This is just a reissue. Masque is the new figure

    • Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I had Lizard Man already and he wasn’t discounted like Glimmer was (and I thought Matty said they’d be discounting all older figures) so that’s where I was confused.

      • Mario J. Vilchez

        I think 2 bucks is their idea of a discount lol. I wonder how they chose who to discount, as Lizard man is older than glimmer? Maybe excess stock produced? low sales?

        • I bet it’s overstock and sales performance. Lizard Man has some really good accessories for Skeletor, so that should help boost his sales.