MattyCollector Shares First Images of Thundercats Figure Packaging

MattyCollector Thundercats Lion-O PackagingMattyCollector has shared the first images of their Thundercats figure packaging, showing off the box art for their upcoming 6-inch scaled Lion-O figure.

The Thundercats figure packaging style deviates from the blister-style packaging used for Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics collection and instead offers a collector-friendly design that features a window box front with full-color illustrated photo and bio on the back.

Not a subscriber and like what you see? No problem, you may have the chance to purchase him in one of our future sales.

For anyone who missed out on MattyCollector’s Club Third Earth Thundercats figure subscription, Mattel offers hope noting that non-subscribers “may have the chance” to purchase Lion-O in one of their future sales.

Club Third Earth figures are based on the ’80s Thundercats animated series. Lion-O, the line’s first figure, is scheduled for release in Sept.

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