Matty Collector: Ninjor is a Club Eternia Exclusive

Masters of the Universe Classics Ninjor
As Masters of the Universe Classics inches closer to completion, the argument could be made for cherry-pickers that they don’t need to purchase a Club Eternia subscription to purchase the remaining handful of essential members from the vintage collection. While many feel the vast diversity of the line is its greatest strength, it can be argued that the declining trend of Club Eternia purchases towards the end of the Classics’ life cycle can make it feel like a weakness.

Now comes word that the evil Ninja Warrior (Ninjor) is the second 2015 subscription-exclusive after Oolarr. This is surely meant to bring in more customers going all-in for 2015. And they should, to be honest. It’s the final year, and Mattel needs to ensure the necessary minimum production quantity is reached. Being a dual-displayer, those who purchase Ninjor would be inclined to keep two of them given he is packed with two heads and a belt to share with Jitsu. Other subscriber-only figures like Clamp Champ and Seahawk Customer Service stock has resurfaced for Early Access customers, but that’s a double whammy for those who want the final Evil Warrior. For one, it’s speculated based on previous statements from Mattel that 2015 quantities are lower than any previous year, which will make any 2015 figure (even ones with 2 heads or other multiple display options) more diffcult to obtain. More importantly, if Ninjor is offered in 2016 during Early Access, it’s a safe bet that subscribers will pick the lot clean before he’s publicly available.

It’s true that not every exclusive character is sought after. The Unnamed One, Seahawk, and even Clamp Champ spring to mind. For every one of those, however, there is a Shadow Weaver or a Two-Bad. It’s my belief that Ninjor firmly falls in the latter of the two. The final year of Masters of the Universe Classics is coming with a ton of ambitious surprises like Lizard Man, Huntara, the Robot Knights, and a toy-accurate He-Man head for Oolarr. Also, unlike previous years, they are instituting a purchase cut-off if/when they achieve a 100% internally-established minimum. If you are on the fence, as a fellow subscriber, I hope you can purchase a subscription before your chances of buying the Ninja Warrior disappears in a puff of smoke.

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