Matty Collector Thundercats Subscription Solicitation Reveals Mumm-Ra Figure

Mattel Mumm-RaA Mattel e-mail soliciting their Club Third Earth Thundercats figure subscription has revealed the last, yet-to-be-revealed, figure in the five figure lineup, Mumm-Ra.

The image is small, but it’s clear that Mumm-Ra is packed with some great detail. The figure’s shrouds have come unraveled to reveal Mumm-Ra’s rotting, pale-blue skin, a red-hooded cloak conceals Mumm-Ra’s face in shadows, and the staff accessory is a more detailed version of the staff that was included with the ’80s figure made by LJN.

Subscribers to Club Third Earth will receive one new 6-inch scale Thundercats figure, based on the ’80s Thundercats animated series, every month from September to December 2016. Mumm-Ra, the subscription only exclusive figure will ship in November. Subscriptions can be purchased on until midnight on Feb. 26.

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