Toy Fair 2014: Mattel to End DC Universe Classics/Signature Series with A Little Fun

toy-news-and-talkWell it looks like Mattel is looking to send their DC Universe Classics/Signature Series into the sunset but not before having a little fun with it. Announced today at Toy Fair, they will be releasing a wave of figures this fall that pay homage to some of the characters from the Super Powers cartoon.

The wave of DC Super Powers figures will consist of Batman (September), Superman (September), Wonder Woman: coming September), Gold Superman (October), Green Lantern as The Riddler (October), and Mr. Mxyzptlk (October). There will be a Connect and Collect figure in the form of Kalibak. Though mostly repaints, these are certainly fun looking figures. These will feature packaging harkening back to the classic ’80s toy line too. Not sure if I will find the need to have all of them, but a least the trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. (Source: Mattel)

mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-batman-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-superman-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-wonder-woman-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-gold-superman-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-green-lantern-as-the-riddler-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-my-mxyzptik-figure mattel-dc-universe-super-powers-kalibak-cnc-figure

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