Mattel Offers Serpentine King Hssss to 2015 Club Eternia Subscribers

Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Serpentine King Hssss
Mattel is reaching out to subscribers of its 2015 Masters of the Universe Club Eternia service offering them an exclusive window in which they can purchase a Serpentine King Hssss figure.

The upper torso of the Serpentine King Hssss figure was to be originally included as part of the 2015 subscription, but production costs forced the team to cut the item from the line. As a result, the decision to offer a full figure was made. 2015 subscribers can log into their account between March 15 and 29 and access a private shop where King Hssss will be available for purchase. There is a limit of three figures per person and any remaining stock will be made available into’s regular monthly sale, in the future.

The Serpentine King Hssss figure is priced $20.

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