Mattel Declares 2015 as Last for Masters of the Universe Classics Line

Masters of the Universe Classics All Toy Lines Must End
Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line is coming to an end in 2015, the California toy maker confirmed, today.

Upon first glance of the poster-style art, you’d think you were staring at any one of Journey’s album covers from late ’70s or ’80s. It’s not until your eyes focus away from the wingspread Zoar that you realize the  “All Toy Lines Must End” text above the illustration is an announcement of the Masters of the Universe Classics line’s impending conclusion and not an album title.  The announcement comes as a surprise to many collectors who expected at least two more years from the Master’s of the Universe Classics line, and the comment’s on Mattel’s Facebook page showed the wide range of sentiment from relief to disbelief.

My wallet just exhaled.
– Gil Mikita

How depressing. On the other hand that is a pretty wicked graphic!
– Rip Hunter

Why are we giving up?
– Kevenn T Smith

I’m sad that its ending next year. The Line was amazing. One of my favorite toy line of all time
– Michael Lee

I refuse to like it because I don’t want it to end
– Alex Pinto

They have not said this line will end. They’ve said they will finish up the vintage figures next year.
– James Williams

Subscriptions for the final year of Club Eternia start June 27 at 9 a.m. on

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  • I saw this and thought it was Very much Like Game Of Thrones.- the Crow, the text, the swords, the caption. Had a quick search and found the inspiration/source.

  • here he

    • Great find! I’ve seen that before, but totally forgot about it. When I first looked at the Mattel piece, it was on my phone and I thought why is there an ’80s album cover in my timeline?

    • Also makes sense because the brand manager for is a big GoT fan.

      • Ah. I tend to notice these references that appear in a lot of things. Did you hear Nathan Fillion has a Cameo in Guardians Of The Galaxy? He might be a Space Dog Cosmo or Nova (though that’s been shot down by James Gunn). I’m hoping it’s good and I’m hoping for him as Malcolm Reynolds. It’s a long shot but the fans would go crazy. I still want more Firefly!

        • I heard Nova, but also saw it was shot down. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was and they were shooting it down so the surprise isn’t spoiled. That or it could be Adam Warlock just so Sony doesn’t get to use him in the next Fantastic 4 movie.

          • I don’t know but I wish Nathan Fillion had a bigger acting career. Stick him in GOT. He is a good actor but doesn’t really do much acting.

          • I think everyone is trying to get in GoT now :)

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  • I can’t wait. The Alien universe is a good one and I can’t wait for late nights in the dark playing this!