Mattel Batman Unlimited New 52 Batgirl Figure Review from Pixel Dan!

toy-news-and-talkFor DC fans it seemed Mattel was struggling with the DC Classics Universe line, almost to the point it might be shelved. But apparently things are a lot stronger than they might seem. Mattel shifted things around and now we are getting many of the popular DC characters under the DC Comics Unlimited line now. And along with that line is the Batman Unlimited line of figures too. Featuring the Batman family of heroes and their arch-enemies. Now thanks to Pixel Dan, fans can get a look at the newly released Batman Unlimited New 52 Batgirl figure. The New 52 Batgirl is a really great looking figure and hopefully a sign of the future of the Batman Unlimited line. Check out the video review below, and you can pick this figure up now at online retailer BigBadToyStore. (Source: Pixel-Dan)

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