Matt Fraction to Donate His Pay from Hawkeye #7 to Hurricane Sandy Relief

comic-book-newsOver at MTV Geek, they have posted an interview with writer Matt Fraction. He discusses how he will be donating his paycheck from issue #7 of his hit-series, Hawkeye from Marvel. All proceeds of his paycheck will go to the Red Cross Relief for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Originally Hawkeye #7 was to feature a new villain, but after some discussion, it was decided to hold off on that and write this special story to help out those in need from the after effects of the hurricane. So Fraction, along fill-in artists Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm are telling a 2-part story about Cling Barton (aka Hawkeye) and his protegé Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye) and their efforts to help in the efforts following a disastrous storm in New York and New Jersey. (Source: MTV Geek)

Fraction, along with artists Steve Lieber and Jesse Hamm will tell a two-part story about Clint Barton and his protege Kate Bishop’s efforts to help citizens following a disastrous storm in Brooklyn and New Jersey. As Fraction says in the above video, he tried to highlight the real-life bravery non-super-powered heroes showed during the storm by way of his fictional non-super-powered Avenger. “So many regular people did so much good, it felt like Hawkeye is an appropriate place to do a Sandy story.”

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