Marvel’s Latest Movie One-Shot Is Titled “All Hail the King”

hollywood-movie-newsMarvel announced the release date for Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray/DVD yesterday. This includes details of the extras and bonus features for the release. One bonus feature will be the latest Marvel One-Shot. The Marvel One-Shots are those shorts that focus on a particular character or theme related to the Marvel cinematic movie universe.

A couple of months back, it was rumored that Ben Kingsley was working on a new secret Marvel project. At the same it was revealed that Marvel was working on a new Marvel One-Shot for an upcoming Blu-ray/DVD release. Details suggested that this One-Shot would focus on the Mandarin, not the “Trevor” Mandarin, but the REAL Mandarin. Since may fans were not too happy with how the character was handled in Iron Man 3, Marvel was looking to fix that.

With the name of the new One-Shot revealed as “All Hail the King” thanks to a casting posting, and a tweet from Iron Man 3 writer Drew Pearce helped solidify the evidence looks to be pointing to this being the secret Mandarin project. What do you think? (Source: Joblo)

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