Marvel’s Jessica Jones #1 (Marvel Comics), Netflix Tie-In One-Shot

To give fans a little something extra, Marvel Comics released a free comic today with a short story featuring Jessica Jones. The story features our heroine who is in the middle of a case and at a local hospital searching for her target, Turk Barrett. Now, the name may or may not be familiar to you, but for those that do recognize it, Turk is a character that was feature in Marvel’s Daredevil comic series, but more importantly was a character in the Netflix Daredevil series as well.

Now the Jessica Jones #1 story is short, and it doesn’t reveal anything about details for the upcoming Netflix series either (that I can tell). But it does give us a little insight to the attitude of the character, along with some nice nods that tie Jessica Jones and Daredevil together. Which we will hopefully be getting much more of once the series debuts on Netflix next month.

The Good: It’s free and dives further into the world of Jessica Jones and the Marvel Television Universe being created on Netflix. Good story and art.

The Bad: It’s short. I mean really short. There are only eight pages of actual story, but hey, did I mention it is free?

Overall, it’s worth the download of Jessica Jones #1 to get more Ms. Jones. Maybe we’ll get another backstory if this one is well received?

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