Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Gets Two More Director Candidates, But Is The Movie Now Cursed?

hollywood-movie-newsNormally I hate trying to keep up with casting and director rumors, but this is one I’m pretty interested in. It seems that Ant-Man is starting to look cursed as far as finding a new director goes. After director Edgar Wright left the project due to differences over the script with Marvel, we learned that three new prospects were being eyed.

Last Friday, it was reported that Marvel was looking to have talks with Rawson Thurber, Adam McKay, and Ruben Fleischer. Since then, things have kind of all part with those candidates. McKay had to decline because of another project. Thurber is still a contender and Fleischer looked like he might have other commitments

Now according to Deadline, Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) and Michael Dowse (Goon) are two more names that are being considered. According to Collider though, Stoller is not even being considered. So who knows what information is correct or even current. Hopefully Marvel can still find a director and not compromise anything along with keeping their intended release date.

Ant-Man was to be directed by Edgar Wright, it is to star(officially so far) Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, along with (unofficially) Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, and Michael Peña. It is currently still scheduled to be released on July 17, 2015. (Source: Deadline)

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