Marvel Universe 3.75″ Replacement Line Avengers Infinite Revealed

toy-news-and-talkThanks to Dan Curto, whom scanned the page from the latest Previews catalog, we now have a look at the first wave of Avengers Infinite figures. The Avengers Infinite are the replacement line for the 3.75″ Marvel Universe line from Hasbro. The description in the catalog says they are 6″ figures, but this is a typo.

For the Avengers Infinite 2014 Wave 1 we have: Captain America, Heroic Age Iron Man, Platinum Wasp, Platinum Hyperion, Platinum Hulk, and Platinum Grim Reaper. It is unknown what purpose the “Platinum” designation means at this time. You can check out the image mirrored below. It looks like we can expect to see these in March, or possibly late February. (Source: Facebook, via MarvelousNews)


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