Marvel Select Thor: The Dark World Jane Foster Figure In Stores Wednesday

toy-news-and-talkArriving in stores this week, just a little later than expected, is the Marvel Select Thor: The Dark World Jane Foster 7-inch figure. Soon you will have your companion piece to the Marvel Select Thor.

Jane Foster comes with an alternate head, a Dark Elf weapon that plugs into her diorama piece. Her dio base also connects with Thor’s base to create a larger display piece. The Marvel Select Jane Foster will be arriving at specialty stores and comic shops on Wednesday, December 18th. (Source: DST)

dst-marvel-select-thor-the-dark-world-jane-foster-figure-pkg-front dst-marvel-select-thor-the-dark-world-jane-foster-figure-pkg-back

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  • Daughter’s Jane showed up today (thank you Amazon). Looks great except that the right arm/shoulder joint doesn’t appear to be there. Looks like body to upper arm is a single molded piece with just a paint line showing difference between clothing and flesh. Weird!

    • Glad to hear you got it. Interesting comment on the arm. Will have to check it out soon as I can.