Marvel Select Exclusive Unmasked Amazing Spider-Man 2 Figure Available

toy-news-and-talkThe Diamond Select Marvel Select Exclusive Unmasked Amazing Spider-Man 2 Action Figure is now available at the Marvel online store. This figure features an exclusive head sculpt of Peter Parker, ot sure if it supposed to have Andrew Garfield’s likeness or not, guess it kind of looks like him. It also comes with seven (7) interchangeable hands, a modular 2-foot webline and a masked head.

The figure is exclusive to the Marvel Shop for the rest of the month. Then starting June 30th, it will be available at the and Disney retail stores. The Marvel Select Exclusive Unmasked Amazing Spider-Man 2 is priced at $24.95 and can be ordered here. (Source: DST)

dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-01 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-02 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-03 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-04 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-05 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-06 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-07 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-08 dst-marvel-select-exclusive-unmasked-amazing-spider-man-2-figure-09

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