Marvel Reveals What the “52”, “#1″ and “Project Gamma” Teasers Were About

comic-book-newsThe South by Southwest (SXSW), the annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival that is held in Austin, Texas is going on this weekend and once again Marvel is in attendance. And they finally put some answers to the recent cryptic Marvel NOW! Teasers from the last couple of weeks. If you recall the “52” teaser, the “#1” teaser and more recently “Project Gamma” teaser, then we have some answers for you. First off, the “#1” teaser, Marvel has made available over 700 digital #1’s spanning many decades and many titles. And they are all FREE! That is correct, FREE comics! The Marvel site and Comixology appears to be overloaded (still) from the announcement, so you may have to wait a bit before you can view or even download anything.

The other teasers, “52” and “Project Gamma,” both have to do with digital comics as well. The “52” teaser refers to the number of weeks in a year, and the number of Wolverine Infinite Comics that will be available starting in July. That is correct, a weekly Wolverine Infinite Comic starting on July 9th, takes infamous X-Men back to Japan. You can check out the promo video for it below.

Lastly and sadly, the “Project Gamma” teaser has absolutely nothing to do with the Hulk. What it does have to do with is music soundtracks for your Marvel Infinite digital comics. Marvel is looking to change your comic reading experience and raising the bar at the same time. Marvel says this is an adaptive audio experience, Project Gamma dynamically tailors itself to both the events in the comics and the individual reader’s behavior, no matter the time invested in each page and to each issue. In short, with this new technology each reading experience becomes unique to itself. Sounds (no pun intended) interesting in concept, but I don’t know how well this will go over. Not sure I want a soundtrack to every comic I read. Not sure I want one for any comic I read. Will have to check this out. (Source: Marvel)

So despite our wishes for a good old-fashioned street brawl between the big two after Marvel released the “52” teaser, and despite our grumblings at all-new “#1” issues, and no idea what “Project Gamma” was, it looks like a big leap forward in the digital comics industry today. Will this catch on though? That remains to be seen. So what do you think of these announcements? Are you the slightest bit excited for any of it?

marvel-now-teaser-count-to-52 marvel-now-teaser-first-number-1 marvel-project-gamma-teaser

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