Marvel Reveals New Thor, and It’s A Woman! “Oh My Gawd, Stupid Marvel!!!!!!”

comic-book-newsUnless you have been completely disconnected from the Internet this morning or today, then you probably have heard by now that Marvel announced on The View (yeah, go figure), that a new Thor would be arriving in the Marvel Universe this October. But what is so special about this new Thor? Well its a woman. Yep, you read that correctly a woman. She will be wielding Mjölnir, which is inscribed with the words, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if HE be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

So who is this new Thor? Well no details are available yet. But that hasn’t stopped the Internet from erupting in rage over the change. Now that just seems to be the vocal majority, doesn’t necessarily mean that most don’t like the idea. I’ve head a few brief discussions on Twitter about it and I’m all for it. I love this idea. But that doesn’t mean I’m not confused at the same time. As it seems that Marvel is treating “Thor” as a title and not a name. So what becomes of Thor Odinson? Well he still has the mystical axe called Jarnbjorn.

Can’t wait to see what writer Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman bring to the table with their all-new Thor. When a character has been around for as many decades as Thor has, this is an interesting “shake up” without a doubt. What do you think? (Source: Marvel)

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