Marvel Reveals 10-Part ‘Age of Ultron’ Limited Series

comic-book-newsDuring Marvel’s “Next Big Thing” live event (which is actually still going on), they have revealed that starting in March will be the start of Brian Michael BendisAge of Ultron. The 10-part limited series will run through June, with Bryan Hitch on the front five issues, with Brandon Peterson and Carlos Pacheco on the back five. March and April will see three issues each, and two issues in May and June, with an epilogue following. There will also be 6–7 Age of Ultron tie-in books consisting of one-shots, and limited series for Fantastic Four and Superior Spider-Man. Ultron is one of Marvel’s baddest villains, and he is ready to fulfil his destiny, taking over Earth! So expect lots of destruction and devastation all-around. (Source:

mavel-age-of-ultron-1-cover mavel-age-of-ultron-1-cover-variant marvel-age-of-ultron-page-art-01 marvel-age-of-ultron-page-art-02 marvel-age-of-ultron-page-art-03 marvel-age-of-ultron-page-art-04

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