Marvel Relaunching ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ With All-New Creative Team

comic-book-newsMarvel recently announced that Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine & The X-Men would soon be ending, it was also noted that the series would be ending too. Well that appears to be just partially true. The series is ending, but it is being relaunched with an all-new #1. This relaunched book will also have a new creative team with writer Jason Latour and artist Mahmud Asrar.

This next volume of Wolverine & The X-Men will feature mostly the same characters at the school now, but will focus on some of the more powerful characters like Quentin Quire and the future of these young X-Men. There will also be the addition of another teacher to the school, Fantomex. Which will be an interesting dynamic with Evan Sabahnur (aka Kid Apocalypse) being at the school since Fantomex has already killed one adolescent Apocalypse. If you head on over to now, you can read a brief intereview with Latour and Asrar. (Source: Marvel)

wolverine-and-the-x-men-vol-2-issue-1-cover wolverine-and-the-x-men-vol-2-issue-2-cover

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