Marvel Previews Next Major Event, Inhumanity

comic-book-newsAhead of Comic-Con, Marvel has announced their next major event. Coming in December from writer Matt Fraction is Inhumanity. This latest event is a follow-up to Infinity which starts next month. Inhumanity will change things for the Marvel Universe as the Terrigen Mists are released throughout the world — which results in millions of Inhuman descendants around the world suddenly witnessing the activation of their dormant Inhuman cells. For those unfamiliar with the Terrigen Mists, they affects all Inhumans differently, granting powers that typically reflect one’s personality. So this is going to create a lot of strange and potentially powerful new characters.

More Inhumanity details will be coming, but first lets take a look at the promo art (see below) by Steve McNiven that Marvel shared. Some interesting things going on here. Looks like Wolverine and Winter Soldier will be getting some costume changes. And Angela is going to be partaking in this event too. But what is really interesting is the character in the back. Dead center. Yep, Nightcrawler. He’s supposed to be dead! So are they bringing him back? This whole event looks and sounds interesting so far. Looking forward to more info on it. So what do you think? (Source: via ComicsBeat)


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