Marvel Officially Announces The Return of Peter Parker!

comic-book-newsOkay, I know “SPOILER ALERT!”, but let’s be honest here, if you thought Peter Parker was gone for good, then I have some Louisiana swamp land to sell you. These are comics. Marvel comics. Peter Parker is one of the most beloved comic book characters, he was not going to stay gone for long. Well if you consider 13 months a long time, then I guess it would be.

Announced via the NY Daily News website, writer Dan Slott has finally revealed that Peter Parker will be returning this April. How he will return remains to be seen, but he will be featured in an All-New Marvel NOW! relaunched Amazing Spider-Man. Slott will be joined by artist Humberto Ramos. More details to come tomorrow at The Amazing Spider-Man #1 will arriving in comic shops in April. (Source: Marvel)

the-amazing-spider-man-1-cover-by-humberto-ramos the-amazing-spider-man-1-variant-cover-by-marcos-martin the-amazing-spider-man-1-variant-cover-by-jerome-opena

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