Marvel NOW!: ‘Fearless Defenders’, All-Female Team, Plus Confirmation of ‘Uncanny X-Men’ Relaunch

comic-book-newsMore Marvel NOW! news today. With teasers released last week from Marvel, we now know what the “Fearless” and “Uncanny” teasers mean. “Fearless” pertains to the new Fearless Defenders title from Cullen Bunn and newcomer Will Sliney. This new Defenders title will feature an all-female line-up with Misty Knight and Valkyrie at the heart of the team. It is also mentioned that Dani Moonstar will be part of the team along with unmentioned others. (Source: iFanboy)

In addition to the Fearless Defenders announcement, artist Chris Bachalo posted on his site about his decision to leave Wolverine and the X-Men, and join Brian Michael Bendis on relaunching the Uncanny X-Men. He says that this was an opportunity that he could not pass up. Not that there was really any sign that Uncanny X-Men wasn’t being relaunched, but at least we know for sure and get a bit of teaser art to go with! (Source: CBR)

UPDATE: Marvel has posted a Q&A with writer Brian Michael Bendis, where he discusses some of his plans for the Uncanny X-Men series. You can read it here at →

marvel-now-fearless-defenders-cover marvel-now-uncanny-x-men-sneak-peek-art uncanny-x-men-2013-cover-issue-1-by-chris-bachalo

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