Marvel Movie News: Set Images from Thor 2 Reveal Malekith, Wasp in Iron Man 3?

hollywood-movie-newsThere have been some earlier set images from Thor 2: The Dark World, but they have mainly been of Thor and some sets. Well today, movie news site JoBlo has posted some new images from the set of Thor 2, and they seem to show none other than the Dark Elves and Malekith The Accursed himself! Malekith is being played by Christopher Eccleston. but we don’t have definite confirmation yet, but we can say with certainty that these are the Dark Elves, and most likely indicates that it is Eccleston as Malekith too. (Source:

UPDATE: Added a third set photo of Thor battling Malekith. (Via MTV Splash Page)

thor-2-dark-elves-set-image-01 thor-2-dark-elves-set-image-02

Is Iron Man 3 going to introduce Wasp to the Marvel Movie Universe? Screenrant has some information that kind of hints at that. From what they have dug up, it suggests that Stephanie Szostak‘s character could be Wasp. A cryptic tweet posted today:
And some questionable tipster source from saying that Szostak is playing Janet van Dyne aka Wasp, adds up to some very convincing proof. But to throw a wrench in it, other rumors and info that Screenrant has come across suggests that another theory is that she could playing some incarnation of Whitney Frost (aka Madame Masque). So what do you think? (Source: Screenrant)

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