Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Series 15 Packaging Images – Shipping Soon!

toy-news-and-talkRecently we showed you images of the upcoming Marvel Minimates Toys R Us Series 15 figures from Diamond Select Toys. Well today, DST posted some in packaging images of the TRU Series 15 figures: Transforming Thing & Silver Surfer, Nova Flame Human Torch & Annihilus, Firelord & Air-Walker along with Juggernaut as Kuurth & Hulk as Nul. They also shared that they will be arriving soon at your local Toys R Us store and at So keep an eye out for these soon. In the meantime, enjoy the images.

dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-15-juggernaut-as-kuurth-and-hulk-as-nul dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-15-transforming-thing-and-silver-surfer dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-15-firelord-and-air-walker dst-marvel-minimates-tru-series-15-nova-flame-blast-human-torch-and-annihilus

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