Marvel Minimates Series 48 to Feature Fantastic Four 2-Packs!

toy-news-and-talkThe Fantastic Four are called the “first family” of the Marvel Universe. Reed Richards is one of the smartest people in the MU too. Now Diamond Select Toys is looking to celebrate one of the Fantastic Four‘s best eras in comics with Marvel Minimates Series 48. Harking back to when writer/artist John Byrne was at the helm, Series 48 will feature the FF in their dark blue uniforms with white accents. Each 2-pack will also feature a classic villain too. The four 2-packs will include: Mr. Fantastic and the Puppet Master, “Flame On” Human Torch and Blastaar, the Invisible Woman and a Moloid and the fourth 2-pack in the series is a rare variant set, where a Moloid comes with blind sculptress, Alicia Masters. Although the Thing is not featured in these four 2-packs, he will be available in a Toys R Us Exclusive set. These Series 48 Fantastic Four 2-packs will be available at specialty and local comic shops, you can pre-order them now. Look for them in January 2013. (Source: Art Asylum Blog)

marvel-minimates-series-48-fantastic-four-2-packs-promo marvel-minimates-series-48-alicia-masters-and-moloid-2-pack marvel-minimates-series-48-mr-fantastic-and-puppet-master-2-pack marvel-minimates-series-48-human-torch-and-blastaar-2-pack marvel-minimates-series-48-invisible-woman-and-moloid-2-pack marvel-minimates-series-48-fantastic-four-2-packs-pkg-back marvel-minimates-series-48-fantastic-four-2-packs-tray-shots

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