Marvel Infinite Series Wave 3 Carded Images

toy-news-and-talkImages of the upcoming Marvel Infinite Series Wave 3 figures carded have surfaced. This wave consists of Ant-Man, Ares, Astonishing X-Men Cyclops, Deathlok, Omega Red and Valkyrie.

As previously revealed, we’ve learned this wave consists of two figures (Cyclops and Valkyrie) from cancelled 3-packs and one from a cancelled comic 2-pack (Ant-Man). Which is probably a relief for some since the Marvel Universe ended and left the figures in limbo. Check out the gallery below of the Marvel Infinite Series Wave 3 figures carded. (Images via MTN)

marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-ant-man marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-ares marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-astonishing-x-men-cyclops marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-deathlok marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-omega-red marvel-infinite-series-wave-3-valkyrie

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