Marvel Comics: THOR (2014) #1 Review

comic-book-newsA few months ago, Marvel made an announcement that sent fans into a rage. Meant to be a move to introduce a new female character into the Marvel Universe, the news divided the fandom. What was that announcement? An all-new female Thor. Sure it might seem like a gimmick on Marvel’s part, and sure the argument of why change such a major like this and not create a new female character is a valid one. But with so many stories told over the decades, why not change things up like this? Thor Odinson is still around, he just doesn’t wield Mjolnir anymore.

So how was the first issue of the Avengers NOW! branded Thor #1? Well it wasn’t bad. I definitely left us with more questions (many more), than it answered. We still don’t know what Nick Fury whispered to Thor in Original Sin #7 to make him unworthy of Mjolnir. The whole issue is spent setting things up. The Frost giants appear from the very deep trenches of the ocean in search of something.

Odin returns, but appears as nothing more than an angry, bossy man. Freya, the All-Mother and the current leader of Asgardia, is the only voice of calm reasoning. As Odin barks orders, Freya stands tall and does what she feels is the right thing.

I’m sure you are wondering what about the new Thor? Well, she doesn’t show up until the last page. Do we know who it is? Well Jason Aaron either clearly showed us who picks up Mjolnir, or pull a sleight of hand. I won’t say who I think it is, I’ll leave that up to you if you decide to pick up the issue.

Overall Jason Aaron delivered a fun read, though I would have like to had some answers, especially since nothing was answered at all. I also would have liked to have had the new female Thor show up before the last page. Guess Marvel just wanted to make sure we come back for the next issue. If you are no bothered by the fact that they are making Thor a woman now, I recommend picking up the book, it looks like it will be a good series. If you can’t get past this change, then I say pass on it. I’ll be returning for at least a couple more issues to see where it is going.

thor-2014-1-cover thor-2014-1-cover-variant-by-sara-pichelli

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