Marvel Comics Teases An “All-New All-Different” Outcome After ‘Secret Wars’

If you have been following the ongoing events at Marvel Comics, you know they are in the middle of a major universe change event called Secret Wars. This event is aiming to reboot the Marvel Universe as we know it. We should be seeing major changes when it is all said in done. This should include the merging of some of the Ultimate Comics universe into the MCU.

Today Marvel posted a second teaser that shows a glimpse at what will be coming out the other side of this major event and from the looks of it, some pretty big changes too. Along with teaser from yesterday, these images show the return of Citizen V, a new Wolverine in the form of X-22, Old Man Logan returning, The Thing joining the Guardians of the Galaxy and some costume changes for others.

We also see that some things that had changed before Secret Wars will be remaining for the time being. This includes Falcon as the new Captain America and an old man Steve Rogers.

This is obviously just the tip of the iceberg and I’m sure we can expect much more to come. The All-New, All-Different Marvel will be launching in October, with things picking up 8 months after the conclusion of Secret Wars event in in-universe time. The All-New All-Different launch will features 50-60 titles will be released over a four months time.

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