Marvel Comics ‘Cataclysm’, Is This The Ultimates Last Stand?

comic-book-newsSomething big is coming to the Marvel Comics Ultimate line, could it be the end of the line as we know it? Announced at Comic-Con, Cataclysm will reunite writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley for an event that looks like could be the end of the Ultimate line. With Galactus crossing over from the original Marvel Universe to the world of the Ultimates, things are not looking good. Over at Comic Book Resources, they have an interview with Ultimate line Senior Editor Mark Paniccia, where he discusses the announcement made at Comic-Con this past weekend. For the last few years I’ve wondered why Marvel has kept this line going. With the changes to the original Marvel Universe the last few years, it seems pointless to keep the line around. I do hope this is their way of wrapping it up, and possibly bringing it together with the Earth-616 in a clean way. (Source: CBR)


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