Marvel Comics ANT-MAN #1 Review

I’m just going to start by saying I loved Ant-Man #1. I thought the return of Scott Lang as Ant-Man was a fantastic start. Lang has fought an uphill battle ever since he stole the suit. When your predecessor created Ultron and became a member of the Masters of Evil, you would think the bar wouldn’t be set too high. But Lang has never been able to get over it.

In Ant-Man #1 by Nick Spencer, with art by Ramon Rosanas, I immediately started to root for him. He is a guy that has been down on his luck and just wants to have a better life for himself, and his daughter Cassie. You know when he shows up to an interview wearing the Ant-Man suit and says he didn’t have another suit to wear, you are in for a real treat. The whole issue was full of little remarks like this that just had me laughing as I read through it.

Spencer made Lang a very relatable character too. He felt like an everyday kind of guy that put on a suit to go to work. It just happened to be a superhero suit and working at a microscopic size is part of his job. His dealings with trying to relate to his daughter will resonate with any dad with a teenage child. Also Lang’s interaction with his ex-wife just felt real.

The art by Ramon Rosanas fit the book perfectly in my opinion. From panel to panel, and page to page, you felt a part of the world as Scott Lang dealt with trying to get a job at Stark Industries to wanting to be there for his daughter. Rosanas did a great job telling it and the expressions on the faces were perfect. I hope he stays on the book for a while.

Ant-Man #1 is available now at your local comic shop or digitally through the Marvel App and comiXology. I definitely suggest picking up this book as you will sure to wanting to read more when you are done.

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