Marvel Announces ‘Spider-Gwen’ Ongoing Series, Plus ‘Silk’ Spinoff Too!

The current Edge of Spider-Verse title from Marvel has delivered some interesting Spider-Man stories. Well Spider centered stories is better said. One of the most popular stories so far has been the one featuring Spider-Gwen. The second issue of the Edge of Spider-Verse featuring Gwen Stacey as the one the radioactive spider bit, sold out its first print run. Well Marvel was listening when fans said they wanted more. They announced today that Spider-Gwen will be getting her own ongoing series in February 2015 from Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez.

Also coming in February is Silk. She was recently introduced in Amazing Spider-Man, she was bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker. Silk, aka Cindy Moon, has quickly become a fan favorite in the Spider-Verse. The title will feature the creative team of Robbie Thompson and artist Stacey Lee.

With Spider-Woman arriving next month from the team of Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land, Marvel is bringing the “girl power” to the Marvel Universe. It is a definite breath of fresh air to see them going in the direction. With the industry dominated by male characters, adding a few strong female leads to the mix certainly doesn’t hurt. What do you think about these recent announcements> (Via CBR)

spider-gwen-1-cover-robbi-rodriguez silk-1-cover-by-dave-johnson silk-1-cover-variant-by-stacey-lee

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