Marvel Announces New ‘Spider-Man 2099′ Series Written by Peter David

comic-book-newsLast year Spider-Man 2099 appeared in present day Marvel Universe inside the pages of Superior Spider-Man. Now the man out of time, Miguel O’Hara is about to embark on mission to prevent the dark future he comes from. Writer Peter David (X-Factor) returns to the series he wrote back in the ’90s, along with artist Will Sliney (Fearless Defenders) will be bringing us a new Spider-Man 2099 ongoing series starting in July.

“Miguel is going to be endeavoring to reform Tiberius Stone; to make him into someone who cares about other people and might actually do a better job of raising Tyler Stone and thus make Miguel’s life easier,” David reveals, picking up on stories he established back in 1992’s original series. “Not to mention that he will try to exert influence over what sort of company Alchemax develops into.”

Of the characters created in Marvel’s 2099 line of comics, I think Spider-Man 2099 is certainly the most popular, and I’m sure many fans (myself included) are excited to see him return in his own series again. You can check out the cover to issue #1 by Simone Bianchi, along with some sketches of Spider-Man 2099 by series artist Sliney. (Source: Newsarama)

spider-man-2099-issue-1-cover-by-simone-bianchi spider-man-2099-sketches-by-will-sliney

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