Marvel Announces New ‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United’ Animated Movie

hollywood-movie-newsYesterday, Marvel Animated Studios announced a new animated movie. This latest Marvel animated movie will be titled, ‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United.’ The duo of Iron Man (voiced by Adrian Pasdar) and the Hulk (voiced by Fred ­Tatasciore), will be teamed-up to fight the Marvel villain, Zzzax (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker).

The animation will use a hybrid of computer-generated animation and hand-drawn art. If ‘Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United‘ proves to be a success, then we can expect to see more team-up movies like this in the future. Look for the movie to be released on DVD and/or other media on April 23rd, 2012. (Source: EW via MarvelousNews)

heroes-united-hulk-and-iron-man-animated-movie-01 heroes-united-hulk-and-iron-man-animated-movie-02 heroes-united-hulk-and-iron-man-animated-movie-03

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