Marvel Announces Avengers NOW! Bringing Female Thor, Falcon Cap and Superior Iron Man, Others Together

comic-book-newsThe Internet continues to rage against Marvel today as they unveiled their new Avengers NOW! title. Marvel has big plans for their recently announced female Thor, Falcon taking over the reigns of Captain America and Tony Starks new perspective on life. These three along with Angela, the Inhuman, Doctor Strange, Deathlok, Winter Soldier and Ant-Man will be apart of the new Avengers NOW! initiative.

We already know this October will see a new Thor #1, along with All-New Captain America, which will be joined by Superior Iron Man. In Superior Iron Man we find Tony Stark venturing west to San Francisco, for which he has ideas for. Just like in Superior Spider-Man, this new Superior Iron Man will not be popular with everyone.

These are just the beginning, there will be others getting solo series, as Marvel explores this new Avengers NOW! further. Once again we see the Inhumans getting a push to the front too.

All I can say is, I love it. I will be giving these all a chance to win me over, but from the first concept, I like how things are getting shaken up. As we all know, nothing is permanent in comics, so why get so upset over the latest changes, we know in 6 months something new will come along. So what do you think? (Source: EW)

marvel-now-avengers-now superior-iron-man-cover all-new-captain-america-1-cover-by-stuart-immonen-full marvel-comics-new-marvel-now-thor-cover

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