Did Marvel and FOX Reach A Deal — Is The Fantastic Four Coming Home?

This morning a rumor has gone around that originated at Den of Geek. According to them, Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox have come to agreement that is bringing the Fantastic Four, along with Doctor Doom, Galactus and Silver Surfer, back to Marvel. Part of the deal is allowing Fox to have the TV rights to the X-Men franchise, which they didn’t have prior to this.

Now we have heard rumors about properties returns to Marvel in the past, some have turn out to be true, others just wishful thinking. But if we look at the recent announcements from Marvel lately, this is making a lot of sense. Last week Marvel announced some movie release date shuffling, but also announced three untitled movies for 2020 and rumor has it, one of the movies is Fantastic Four. Second, yesterday’s announcement of two new X-Men universe television shows being announced — Hellfire and Legion — for Fox and FX Network.

With the major flop that Fantastic Four was back in August as part of Fox’s reboot plans for the property, it makes more sense for them to drop Fantastic Four and put more effort towards the X-Men which has been a success for the most part. Adding X-Men to their television line-up is a strong move. If this turns out to be true, which I strongly believe it is, then my hat off to you Marvel and Fox for coming to agreement that is beneficial to all involved. Including the fans!

UPDATE: CBR reached out to 20th Century Fox and was told this rumor is “completely untrue.” Is this Fox just playing coy, or is this in fact just a fans pipe dream rumor?


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