Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Reaches Another Stretch Goal, Unlocks A Spec-Ops Figure!

toy-news-and-talkOn Wednesday we got some fantastic news for the Marauder Task Force Figures Kickstarter project, it reached yet another of the stretch goals, “CARMEN.” But this one was a little more special, it unlocked a fourth figure, the Spec-Ops figure. This is the green camo figure that has been pictured.

So if you were holding out for this one, then you should go pledge now. If you have already pledged, then you are able to add it to your existing pledge for $15 each. The same goes for the other stretch goals that have been unlocked already.

The project did seem to be loosing some steam lately, as I kind of figured it might, but with the recent stretch goal being unlocked, it has shot right past that goal and is now gaining on the $90,000 goal, “DAVID,” which unlocks some all-black gear for the Night-Ops figure. There is still 12 days to go, so plenty of time to get in on this great project and pick up some really cool looking action figures.

marauder-task-force-desert-ops-figure marauder-task-force-urban-ops-figure marauder-task-force-night-ops-figure marauder-task-force-spec-ops-figure

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