Marauder Task Force Kickstarter Enters Its Final Hours, Adds An Exclusive “Skull Balaclava” For Backers

toy-news-and-talkWell the Marauder Task Force Figures Kickstarter project is entering its final hours now. It is sitting just $2500 from unlocking yet another stretch goal at $180,000 which give us an Arctic-Ops figure! If you were thinking about backing this project, then now is the time.

Marauder John also announced in the latest update a Kickstarter exclusive “Skull Balaclava” head for those that pledge at the “Lieutenant” level or higher. This is basically the first tier that has a figure with it, which starts at $19. So if you are a backer already, you will get it, and if you are a new backer you will be eligible too. I have a feeling fans of the video game series Call of Duty will have a specific interest in the “Skull Balaclava” head.

The project has really taken life towards the end here, and it is great to see so many interested in it. Hopefully this will inspire Marauder John to do more, or even inspire others to step forward with their own projects. Don’t wait much longer to back the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter, once it ends, and the figures end up on the Marauder “Gun-Runners” website, they will cost more. So at least pick up one or two to “sample” them.


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