The Many Faces of Bandai’s Gemini Saga

Legend of Sanctuary Gemini Saga

When Bandai unveiled its summer collection last month, it included the reveal of the newest addition to the Saint Seiya Myth Cloth EX line, Gemini Saga. Today, Bandai gives us a look at the “many faces” i.e. display options for Gemini Saga.

Gemini Saga is the inaugural figure for the upcoming CG animated Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary movie. The character designs in Legend of Sanctuary are a departure from the traditional anime style Saint Seiya fans have become accustomed to over the years, but the story promise to fit the Saint Seiya universe into modern times. Saga, whose armor is constructed of die-cast metal, is priced at ¥9,500 (approximately $95) with an October 2014 release date. A pre-order date has not been determined.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary opens in theaters June 21 in Japan.

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  • i can’t tell you how much i hate this garbage design.

    • Omar

      ??? it’s an amazing design

      • i just can’t handle it. it’s not saga. the ex myth cloth of saga was perfection. i haven’t seen this new movie yet, so maybe once i do, my opinion might change, but for now, this mashed together gold/surplice cloth on some stranger’s face with less-than-spectacular hair is a pass.