MAFEX Suicide Squad Joker Figure Tapped for Medicom’s Collector-Focused Line

Medicom MAFEX Suicide Squad Joker While Medicom has made the release of their MAFEX Knightmare Batman figure official, something was lurking behind the scenes of their website. That something is a MAFEX Joker based on Jared Leto’s portrayal of the clown prince of crime in Suicide Squad.

While not officially revealed, it’s a safe bet that Medicom’s announcement of their Suicide Squad MAFEX Joker is imminent. From the official photos, we see the pale-skinned, tattooed and barefooted Joker is dressed in a purple long coat and comes with a cane accessory. An alternate “screaming” portrait is also shown. The likeness to Jared Leto is excellent and we can only hope other Suicide Squad characters will follow in the MAFEX line. We’ll have further details on Medicom’s MAFEX Suicide Squad Joker as they become available.

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