MAFEX Sandtrooper Joins Medicom’s 6-Inch Scale Imperial Ranks

Medicom MAFEX SandtrooperFirst seen on the desert planet of Tatooine in Star Wars, the Sandtrooper is set to join the ranks of Medicom’s 6-inch MAFEX line.

Wearing an orange pauldron to denote rank as a unit leader, the MAFEX Sandtrooper includes a survival pack and is armed with a standards issue blaster rifle and the DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle for those moments that require long-range precision–like frying a caravan of droid peddling Jawas. A stand is also included with the figure.

Medicom’s MAFEX Sandtrooper is scheduled for a June 2017 release. The figure is priced ¥5,800, which is about $50.

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