Luc Roderique Has Been Cast as Jason Rusch

This is a bit of interesting casting news for The Flash. Over at KSiteTV, they are reporting that Luc Roderique has been cast in the role of Jason Rusch. You may be asking yourself, who is that? Well he would be one half of the character Firestorm. I know you are saying wait a second, I thought they cast Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond and Victor Garber as Martin Stein, the two-halves of Firestorm. That would be correct, so how Roderique as Jason Rusch fits into this remains to be seen.

In DC Comics, Rusch becomes part of the Firestorm Matrix when Ronnie Raymond is killed. So does this mean Robbie Amell is going to have a short stint on the show? Kind of looks that way. Luc Roderique will appear as Jason Rusch in the tenth episode of The Flash, which will air sometime in early 2015 when the show returns from its mid-season break. (Source: KSiteTV)

luc-roderique-photo firestorm-v2

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  • Ron Storey

    Unless they pull from the new 52 origin where Stein was not part of the matrix, he is presumed dead but gave the matrix to Jason, who unleashed it where he and Ronnie became Firestorm.

    • Ah, that makes more sense. I didn’t keep up with Firestorm in the New 52, so I wasn’t aware, thanks.