Limbo #1 (Image Comics), Magic, Murder and Mystery In The South

Released this week from Image comes Limbo #1 from pretty much unknown writer Dan Watters and artist Caspar Wijngaard. The series takes place (so far) in Delande City — something that resembles New Orleans — in the deep South. But like the city it takes inspiration from, Delande City has something dark and sinister hiding in the shadows. There is magic, murder and mystery lurking there.

We are introduced to Clay, an amnesic private investigator whom only has memories from the last nine months. He doesn’t know who he is or how he got there. While he tries to solve that mystery, he helps others in need as an investigator.

The rest of the supporting cast in this first issue are: Sandy, a voodoo spirit vanquisher; Bridgette, a beautiful club singer who hires Clay; The Thumb, a crime boss whom everyone fears; and the Fishmen, swamp residents that have a dark secret.

This first issue delivers the three M’s (magic, murder and mystery) in spades. It lays out the questions and plenty of them too. You are immediately drawn into this work that all though familiar brings a new approach to it.

The Good: Interesting story that makes for a great alternative to the spandex world of superheroes. Wijngaard’s art is simple yet detailed enough that you spend time examining it for the little details. It at times reminds me of Paul Pope’s work. The coloring — which I’m assuming Wijngaard does as well — sets a mood perfect for this dark world.

The Bad: For now, waiting a month until the next issue!

Overall Limbo #1 was an excellent debut for Watters and Wijngaard. They delivered something that many creators strive to do these days in comics, an interesting story that makes you want to return for more.

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