LEGO Teases Star Wars Rogue One Video Game

LEGO Rogue OneDisney’s teaser trailer for Rogue One has got the gears turning over at LEGO.

The Denmark-based brick-builder has posted a photo with their spin on the upcoming Star Wars anthology film, indirectly hinting that a LEGO Rogue One video game is in the works. No details were provided, but the photo shows a band of Rebels,  featuring Jyn Erso, inside what’s believe to be the Yavin IV based seen in Star Wars: A New Hope. All in LEGO style, of course.

LEGO’s fifth Star Wars game Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens slated for a June release. LEGO released its first Star Wars game Lego Star Wars: The Video Game in 2005.

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  • SS21O

    Looking forward to some actual Lego figures from Rogue One too

    • You know LEGO, where there are figures there are games, where there are games, there are figures 😀

  • SS21O

    Very true . Makes me wish Lego got the GI Joe license instead of Kre-o. A Joe Lego game would of been nice

    • If LEGO wasn’t a direct competitor to Hasbro, I could see that happening, but when they’re squaring off in the toy aisles for supremacy I just don’t think it will happen. Is Hasbro still making Kre-O? Don’t recall seeing any new items or announcements for a while.