Lego Minifigures Series 12 Blind Packs Hit Shelves October 1

Lego’s next series of blind bag minifigures is coming to a toy aisle near your on October 1. Lego minifigures series 12 consists of 16 all-new figures, each with a unique code to unlock the same playable character in the Lego Minifigures Online game. The Lego minfigures series 12 lineup includes: dino tracker, fairytale princess, battle goddess, hun warrior, jester, genie girl, lifeguard, piggy guy, pizza delivery man, prospector, rockstar, space miner, swashbuckler, spooky girl, video game guy and wizard.

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  • The Sewer Den

    I diggin’ the B&W spooky girl.

    • That was my favorite, too. Reminded me of Lydia from Beetlejuice. At first I thought Piggy Guy was dressed in a bunny suit in homage of Ralphine from A Christmas Story, until I took a close look.

      • The Sewer Den

        Ha! I can totally see the Christmas Story connection. That would’ve been epic. Equipped with a Lego leg lamp accessory!

  • I gave up on these a while ago too many to collect and too many disappointment’s!

    • It’s all about knowing the codes 😉 Each has a braille-like code on the bag that identifies the contents. That and feeling around for a unique accessory will be your best be in ensuring you get what you’re looking for.

      • I never knew about the codes but I’m normally in a rush. I used to feel the contents get it and then get home open it and just feel disappointed. My dad and sister sued to watch me do it and laugh so now I just don’t bother. Did you hear about series 10 Mr gold when the Real 24 carat version was cheaper than the actual version?

        • I remember the gold figure, but I wasn’t interested in the blind bags then. The Simpsons figures got me into them, actually. Thankfully, a friend of mine was able to secure them for me, otherwise I’d be that guy sitting at the store for hours feeling up blind bags until my fingers were numb.

          • I started to get them from the beginning the first wave wasn’t that good and I soon realised it was pretty hard to finish a set of. I just picked up one every now and again until I just gave up on them. I don’t dislike The Simpsons figures but I don’t like them and would prefer something like Sw or Doctor Who Which is coming next year! I can’t wait for what they have in store for us. When Will we hear about it?