Lego Mini Cooper Rolls Into Creator Line This August

Lego’s bringing the classic British coupe to brick form. Revealed as part of the Creator Expert series, the Lego Mini Cooper includes a bevy of details and features most notably a removable top, an opening bonnet that reveals the engine and a spare wheel hidden under a baseboard in the boot. Best of all, there’s a basket and blanket stowed in the trunk in case the opportunity arises for an impromptu picnic. Look for the Lego Mini Cooper this August 1.

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  • Looks Good. Can’t ever fault Lego for but two points. Making The stuff so expensive and Doing Exclusives. Can’t blame them but it’s annoying. Not a Cars person but the Cuusoo stuff know Creator line is always a good sign and nice that they listen to the fans- Hasbro?

    • Lego’s exclusives are usually pretty easy to get a hold of, unless they’re the limited giveaways. This year at Toy Fair Lego stopped with the limited giveaways because they realized that people were putting them on eBay. I’m not sure if that will continue, but it’s good to know they’re in touch with what’s going on with their product. Agree with you on the Hasbro bit.

      • The Exclusives are but I was meaning the exclusive minifigures. Some of them have been made for specific things and so it’s nearly impossible to get them. My best example is the Iron Patriot- it was a pre-order exclusive for Marvel superheroes Lego game in America. England got it through Game but you could only get it by preordering it for the main consoles. I wanted it on computer and was getting it as a present so I never received it. All of the SDCC go for about £200 each which is ridiculous. I just want a Superhero Minifigures line.

        • Yeah that is the type of exclusive they cut off at Toy Fair this year and I’m actually quite glad they did. People who don’t collect Lego would take up media slots just so they could get the figures to sell on eBay for the $200+ they would go for.

          • It’s a shame really. I remember watching a video of someone in the queue being squashed just to get a ticket to get the chance to get one. Exclusives just go to waste. Thanks but no thanks.