LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Gets An Iron Patriot Minifigure Pre-order Bonus

video-games-gaming-newsWere you planning on picking up the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game? If so, you might want to pre-order it. There is a bonus Iron Patriot minifigure being offered with select retailers when you pre-order it through them. In the US market, has the pre-order available with the Iron Patriot minifigure. In the UK and German markets, you can get it through Amazon and For those in Australia, it will be available at EB Games. A nice little bonus for those picking the game up when it is released in a few months. There are conflicting release dates (or it just could be a staggered release for each market), as says October 22, EB Games says November 13, and the Amazon sites say November 15. (Source: FBTB)

lego-marvel-super-heroes-iron-patriot-bonus-minifigurejpg lego-marvel-super-heroes-iron-patriot-minifigure-bonus lego-marvel-super-heroes-bonus-iron-patriot-minifigure-edition

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