LEGO Ideas Project Gives New Meaning to Forming Voltron

LEGO Ideas VoltronA LEGO builder who submitted his custom creation for consideration to become a LEGO set is giving new meaning to forming Voltron.

LEGO Ideas user Len_d69 constructed a brick-built replica of Voltron, the superhero formed by five robotic lions. What’s impressive about the build is the accuracy to the ’80s animated character and the fact that Len_d69’s Voltron is actually formed with five separate LEGO-constructed lions, each fully articulated. The Red and Green Lions form the arms, Blue and Yellow form the legs, and Black who forms the body and head. When the Lions combine to form Voltron, the piece stands around 16 inches in height. And the blazing sword is included! Sadly, minifigures for Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk and Princess Allura are not included.

So what will it take for Len_d69’s Voltron: Defender of the Universe submission to get made? It needs fan support. If Voltron receives 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas site, it qualifies the project for consideration by the LEGO review board. The LEGO review board evaluates the project’s feasibility and if it deemed viable, the LEGO product team will transform the design into an actual LEGO product sold around the world.

To date, LEGO Ideas have resulted in sets such as the Back to the Future DeLorean, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and the Big Bang Theory living room. At the time of this article, Len_d69’s LEGO Voltron had just over 5,000 supporters.

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