LEGO Ideas Pinocchio Marionette Will Have You Shouting Jiminy Cricket in Amazement

LEGO Ideas PinocchioLEGO Ideas user buggyirk has created one of the most ingenious projects we’ve come across on the fan-sourcing site with his Pinocchio LEGO Marionette with Jiminy Cricket project.

Buggyirk’s LEGO Ideas Pinocchio marionette project features a fully functioning, fully articulated Pinocchio marionette that stands just over 12 inches tall. A control bar with strings that attach to Pinocchio’s appendages brings the brick-built puppet to life and Pinocchio is accompanied by Jiminy Cricket, who himself comes with a blue top hat and umbrella.

If Buggyirk’s Pinocchio LEGO Marionette receives 10,000 supporters on the LEGO Ideas site, it qualifies the project for consideration by the LEGO review board. The LEGO review board then evaluates the project’s feasibility and if it deemed viable, Pinocchio would be created into an actual LEGO product sold around the world. Show Buggyirk your support and vote for the Pinocchio Marionette to be considered as a LEGO product.

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