LEGO Cuusoo Project: The Goonies 30th Anniversary!

toy-news-and-talkI tried throwing my money at the screen for this one, but sadly it didn’t help. So I did the next best thing, I placed a vote for this LEGO Cuusoo Project #45109, The Goonies 30th Anniversary Sets. You should too. Looking to capture all that is great about one of the best movies from the ’80s (or ever), this project brings some key scenes to life in brick form. There are also mini-figs of “Goonies” too.

There are two sets: “Skeleton Scare” with Mikey, Brandon, Steff, Andy and Mouth; “Fratelli Fracas” with Data, Mama, Jake and Francis Fratelli. Chunck and Sloth were created and are planned for a third set. So far the two sets are designed to interlock, and they look like they do it flawlessly. This project is still more than a a few votes away from being considered by LEGO, and hopefully it doesn’t see the same fate as the recent Jurassic Park set. So vote today! (Source: LEGO Cuusoo)

lego-cuussoo-project-45109-the-goonies-30th-anniversary-01 lego-cuussoo-project-45109-the-goonies-30th-anniversary-02 lego-cuussoo-project-45109-the-goonies-30th-anniversary-03 lego-cuussoo-project-45109-the-goonies-30th-anniversary-04

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