Lee Byung-hun Wants To Reinvent Storm Shadow In ‘G.I.Joe 3’?

hollywood-movie-newsWhile attending a movie theater in Seoul, Korea, actor Lee Byung-hun took the time to chat with some fans and share some of his thoughts for his role as Storm Shadow in G.I. Joe 3. He goes on to pretty much say he would like to reinvent the character to an extent and to show a side of him we have not yet seen. Let us know if you would like to see a different Storm Shadow. It was said back in 2009 that most of the actors, including Byung-hun were signed for a three picture deal. So if Paramount does move ahead with the third movie, then he will be most likely returning. (Source: Allkpop.com)

gijoe-retaliation-poster-storm-shadow-byung-hun-lee-01 gijoe-retaliation-poster-storm-shadow-byung-hun-lee-02 gijoe-retaliation-byung-hun-lee-as-storm-shadow

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  • Sonnque

    I LOVEEEEEEEE Lee, Byung-hun…. I have enjoyed every Korean movie of his. I have been a fan for a long time, before mainstream Hollywood knew who he was. He is a BRILLIANT ACTOR. Totally becomes whatever character he plays and when I think he couldn’t up himself, he does. I enjoyed Masquerade the most, playing both the ruthless king and the clown. I would completely forget it was the same person and utterly loath the king and root for him as the replacement!! GREAT ACTOR!!! It is a privileged to watch him!! Whatever he does with storm shadow, I am eager to see even though I already joy his character right now. he should definetely get more screen time and a better story line as storm shadow.